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It was all because of one question that you asked.

Yesterday, I was having a drink with a friend, colleague and co-founder of the Young Financial Planners' Organisation, and he asked, "Do you know why I bought a bike, why I'm playing electric guitar, and why I'm enjoying life so much? Because a year and a half, when you coached me that one time, you asked me what I do for fun. That was the most powerful question anyone's ever asked me because I didn't realise until then how obsessed I was with work and studies, that I was losing myself. This question stuck with me since that day."

I clearly remember asking him that question but didn't realise the impact at the time.

But he couldn't stop thinking about it.

A year and a half later his life has literally changed, and he's a much happier person.

All because of once coaching session. One question. A question that simply reflected his life back to him.

That's the power of coaching.

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