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Through the Coaching Lens - Corona Week 6

From psychological phases to lockdown levels, we're in week 6 and our emotions are mixed.

Many have calmly sat on the fence, looking over to both sides, attempting to remain neutral and go with the flow in support of our political leaders and those that are at potential risk of dying. That's the truth.

But now that the lockdown has been extended indefinitely, in one form or another, while one remains on the fence, one is overcome with emotion, often anger or fear, often oscillating between the two.

It is difficult not to lean one way or another, taking a position and then looking for evidence to support it while you debate it with friends and colleagues over the phone and on social media. Well, the good news is you are allowed to be emotional and you're allowed to take a position. Your emotion reminds you that you are human and your opinion on a matter reminds you that you have the cognitive ability to learn, interpret and form an opinion.

This applies to others too, so avoid judging and chastising. Updates are coming out all the time and just this morning I read that our access to information is like taking a snapshot of the odometer of a car that is travelling at high speed. In just a few seconds the reading will be different. Be gentle with your fellow human beings and focus on what is most important to you.

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