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DNA Resilience

A test to measure your resilience and interventions to improve it. 

Who should take the test?

Any individual who is experiencing significant stress, looking to excel or who is in a demanding leadership role, and who wants to...

Lead more effectively, in all areas of their life

Cope better under stressful and demanding situations

Enhance their mental, emotional and physical health

Live to their fullest potential

Available to all Private

& Business Clients

Resilience is the ability to adapt to stress while maintaining healthy mental, emotional and physical performance. It's also the ability to recover quickly from a crisis and come out even stronger than before. 

Poor Resilience results in depression & anxiety, cognitive decline, poor immunity, gut dysbiosis, cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance. 

It has recently been found that up to 80% of our resilience is determined by genetic factors. 

"Research shows that resilience is highly heritable, meaning there is a strong genetic component to one’s baseline resilience and it is how we interact with our environment that determines our ability to thrive under adverse conditions." 

 - DNAlysis


DNAlysis Biotechnology and Sutton Health teamed up to create what we believe is the only test of its kind in the world. 

They have identified 7 key molecular areas that have the greatest influence on resilience. These are: Dopamine, Serotonin, Stress Axis, Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Oxytocin and Neuropeptide Y. 

Buy way of a DNA test, DNAlysis can identify the extent to which each of these molecular pathways contribute to your own resilience. The great news is that each one of these areas can be strengthened and improved through practical intervention. 

Any low or moderate results would receive personalised recommendations that can be implemented through diet, supplementation, lifestyle and exercise. 

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Resilience & Coaching

Putting your learnings into action

The DNA Resilience test identifies where you are moderate or low in any of the 7 molecular areas that contribute to resilience. It then provides you with a comprehensive report detailing recommended interventions that you should take to improve your resilience. 

As you can imagine, there can be a number of recommendations across the categories of diet, supplementation, lifestyle and exercise. If all recommendations are followed, your resilience will improve but, like any advice that requires action, commitment and the forming of habits, the risk is that you take little or no action and the test results are rendered merely interesting. 

Where the DNA test and its resultant report provide you with the advice, coaching supports you to implement that advice by working with mindset and creating healthy practices. We also work with a select number of professionals that we refer to for more specialised advice e.g. dieticians and chiropractors.