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DNA Resilience

A test to measure your resilience and interventions to improve it. 

If you want to

Lead more effectively, in all areas of your life

Cope better under stressful and demanding situations

Enhance your mental, emotional and physical health

Live to your fullest potential

then you'll want to improve your resilience.

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Resilience is...

"Adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress - such as family or relationship problems, serious health problems or workplace and financial stressors." - American Psychological Association


More simply… The ability to adapt to stress while maintaining healthy mental, emotional and physical performance.

Poor resilience has been shown to result in...

Stressed Man

Difficulty in regulating emotion, cognitive decline, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, gut health problems, poor immunity, cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance. 

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Up until now, working with resilience generally required us to focus on personality traits e.g. courage and perseverance. 

But now we know that

up to 80% of our resilience is determined by our genetics. 

We can't change our DNA

But we can identify which genes score lower on the resilience scale and intervene to improve our relationship with those genes. 

Introducing DNA Resilience

A genetic test that scores your resilience across seven molecular areas and provides advice to improve the areas in which you require intervention.  


We naturally leverage the areas in which we have strength, but we can also strengthen the areas in which we are weak. 


This is achieved through diet, supplementation, exercise and lifestyle.

DNA Resilience is a product of DNAlysis Biotechnology. 

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"Research shows that resilience is highly heritable, meaning there is a strong genetic component to one’s baseline resilience and it is how we interact with our environment that determines our ability to thrive under adverse conditions." 

 - DNAlysis

DNA Resilience is available country-wide 

to new and existing coaching clients, and as a once-off.

Coaching to improve resilience

Working with a coach helps you to:

  • Define your relationship with resilience

  • Contextualise resilience within your overall way of being

  • Seamlessly take the DNA Resilience test at your home / office

  • Work through and interpret the resilience report

  • Understand what is required to improve your levels of resilience

  • Commit to taking action around the recommended interventions

  • Work with mindset to create healthy, sustainable practices

  • Challenge you to personal growth and hold you accountable to the process

  • Work with other professionals that can support you in other ways e.g. dietician

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Resilience is one of many possible themes that might come up in a coaching relationship. Leading with resilience could open up possibility for you in other areas of your personal and professional lives. And dropping in on resilience could fill in the blanks to create a more complete you. 

How to get the test

Coaching Clients (new & existing): R2,650

Includes DNA test kit and full resilience report. Feedback is included in coaching agreement. 

Available at Success Coaching offices or by way of courier delivery & collection at your home / office (all included). In-person and virtual feedback available. 

As a once-off: R3,999

Includes DNA test kit, full resilience report and a 1-hour feedback / coaching session. 

Available only via courier delivery and collection at your home / office (all included). 

Virtual feedback / coaching sessions only. 

A network of support

Where specialised advice is required, we work with a carefully selected network of professionals that we will refer you to e.g. dieticians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, biokineticists and personal trainers. 

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