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Executive Coaching for Leaders

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Large Corporate

Due to the nature of your business, its size and its individual requirements, you have certain systems and processes in place. You require management information to get a birds-eye view and you have a structure that includes roles, responsibilities, scorecards and KPIs. 

You need this. 

The unfortunate result is that it slows you down. You have people that manage people but you are still detached from what is really going on. You know that you have a good workforce but you reference global surveys and know that not everyone is fully engaged. You fear that your people may lack the passion, commitment and loyalty and that you could be doing better. 

People come and people go but that's expensive and doesn't contribute to the culture you are trying so hard to create and maintain; neither does it support team camaraderie and workplace happiness. 

You have given your people every opportunity - programs, workshops, courses - and although they learnt a lot, you get the sense that not much has changed. 

That's because their personal and professional lives are not aligned. They can do all the work in the world on their leadership, their management, their skills and their delivery, but if the work does not support their life goals, it's just a job, even at executive level. 

People seek meaning in what they do. Their actions need to align with their values and it all has to make sense to them and speak to their bigger picture. Once they can see that what they do professionally is in pursuit of what they want personally, their lives will change. They just need a coach to guide and support them. 

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Small Business


As a small business you can make decisions and move at pace. Your vision and commitment to deliver a superior and differentiated client/customer experience drives you, your team and your people. The objectives are clear and so is the need for action. 

What that action is might not always be apparent. You figure it out as you go and when you meet challenges, you pivot your strategy, build systems and hire people.  


Being small allows you the agility to take advantage of opportunities. You are building an entrepreneurial culture and enrolling your people in an effective way of thinking that will propel the business into the future. You are creating loyalty through empowerment and inclusion and the business will continue on a steady streak as long as the passion and motivation continue to fuel it. 

At the same time, as you grow the business, so do you risk disconnecting from your people. The business has a fairly well-defined trajectory and the leaders will continue to lead. Their infallible obsession with creating solutions and opening markets often leaves the operations of the business lagging. Those at the helm are pushing for personal, professional and business success but when it is intermittently acquired, those that have to deliver into it might feel that they are out of their depth. 

This creeping disconnect is solved by working with all levels of leadership to align the vision with the delivery. That means working with your people to grow and develop them so that they can show up with the same commitment as the founders. This is successfully done with the support of a coach. 

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In a Meeting

"Everyone needs a Coach"

 The words of both Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Eric Schmidt (Google)

Your people's performance, and that of those around them, wholly depends on who they are and how they show up.


Their state of mind, their ways of being and the lens through which they see the world contribute to their character and how they're received by others.


It also shifts their capacity ​to be self-generating, self-correcting and to acquire sustainable, consistent competence.


Coaching takes on various formats within an organisation, from working one-on-one with your leadership team to facilitating inter-team discussions. If you need to build your people to build the business, reach out and let's see what the best fit is. It all starts with a conversation. 

All sessions can be conducted virtually or in person. 


Executive Coaching for leadership. 

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Group coaching for leadership and/or teams.


Facilitated sessions within and between respective teams.


Presentations, workshops,

off-sites, deep dives.