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Coaching Lead

Jason Bernic

Jason is the owner and founder of Success Coaching. 
He heads up new business development and takes a lead coaching role with both Private and Business clients. 

Jason is always the first point of contact for both Private & Business clients. 


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Coaching Team


Success Coaching makes use of associate coaches from around the world. 

All coaches are qualified, experienced and credentialed, and have many years of experience working with individuals and teams. 
Many represent, and have a significant history of success, in particular industries which offers further value to coachees.

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Chemistry Sessions

Connecting People with Coaches

Chemistry Sessions are 20 - 60 minute coaching sessions where a potential coach meets with a coaching candidate - or candidate team - and coaches them, without reservation. 
A coaching relationship is an investment of time, energy and money and both individuals and businesses want to be as sure as possible that they are aligned with a coach that can make a formidable difference. 

Areas of Speciality

We Have a Coach for Every Need

Success Coaching's boutique, owner-managed approach to new and existing client relationships means that individuals and businesses will find the solution and the coach that they need to meet their personal and professional growth and development needs. 

This is irrespective of whether you approached us as an individual or on behalf of a business. 

True coaching works with the person, and what shows up in terms of theme, is secondary.

This may differ when we are hired by a business to coach its people but we still work with the person and it is that person that shows up in the business... and in life. 

We call ourselves Executive Life Coaches because we take a somewhat tough approach to supporting our coaching clients to create the life they want, be it in business, with business or on the other side of business. At the same time, we work with all of the familiar themes that would arise in working with other human beings: 

Life, business, relationships, time, capacity, balance, pace, career, family, parenting, health, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, grit, perseverance, adaptability and resilience

We are qualified and/or experienced in Integral, Somatic and Neurological (brain-based) coaching, as well as Neurolinguistic Programming. 

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