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Jason Bernic

Passionately helping others achieve everything they ever wanted. 

First I experienced a coaching culture, then I moved into a hybrid coaching role, then I studied to become a coach.


The experience was life-changing. I went to London and met 145 amazing coaches from around the world. I hired one of them for more money than I was comfortable spending, but knew that I was investing in myself, so I did the work to get the return. 

And today I head up a life and executive coaching business to help people create everything they ever wanted, personally and professionally.   


Coaching is truly life-changing.  


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My Background

I have a mixed bag of history, having to use both sides of my brain. Even my under-grad majored in marketing, economics and business economics. I worked in advertising, dabbled in some other industries, built and sold out of a promotional lighting business and then spent a lot of time in financial planning and international wealth management. 

For 4 years I worked for the biggest bank in the world and discovered a 'coaching culture' which was a game changer in how people conducted themselves and worked with others. That later led me to become a Financial Planning Coach at a boutique asset management business, which was then bought by a multi-national. 

During that time I studied brain-based coaching and practiced on clients, friends and even my sister - anyone that would be a willing participant. Later, I studied to become an Integral Coach® and started a business in parallel with my employ, only to jump ship 2.5 years later. 

My Story

I don't have a rags-to-riches story, or a motivational speech about self-sacrifice or monopolistic dominance. I was once told that I talk too much and I don't listen and ten years later, after chastising the person that told me that, I realised he was right. 

Through my career adventures I learnt to listen, and then I started to hear. I also began to find everyone I knew and met more fascinating and mysterious than before, and I wanted to know more. I wanted to know their stories, their dreams, what drives them forward and what holds them back. I started to ask questions - questions that challenged their beliefs, in the world and themselves - questions that had them thinking... then feeling... being present in the moment, while the world slowed down around them, just for a minute, and in this minute they gained perspective. They saw the world differently... and then their world changed. 

I'm inherently impatient and have a low tolerance for mediocrity, probably because I see the greatness in everyone, even if they don't. I believe in my clients and their dreams and it is my commitment to support them all the way. I'm soft and I'm tough because I help my fellow human beings to discover what they really want, and then I hold them to creating it. 

Maybe I could to do that for you. 

Gradient Ocean

My Family

We are a serious family. 

As you can see in this picture, we don't mess around and we don't joke. We just work hard and stick to the prescribed program of life :-)

When I was 24 I had a snowboarding accident and injured my neck. Nicole is a chiropractor - I married well! 

Logan and Harvey are 5 years old in this picture (8 now) and tell me that as I'm getting older they're getting faster and stronger!

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