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Advisor Dojo

A regular training ground for financial advisors

that want to take their profession to the next level.


The Advisor Dojo is where financial advisors come to train. It's where they have the opportunity to build business muscle and get fit so that they can reach their goals and attain their desired levels of success. 

By Demand

This group coaching circle was created as a result of enquiries from a number of advisors who require ongoing support as they go about their business. The group format invites participants to learn from one another and share ideas, as well as challenges and resultant solutions. Leading with coaching, as opposed to training or teaching, is a powerful way of working with the person, as well as what the person does or needs to do.  

Martial Arts

In modern day practice, the art of combat has two main elements: 

Kata - beautiful art form demonstrated through sequences of choreographed movement

Kumite - freestyle fighting in which the skills learned through the art are put to effective use

Applied to financial planning

Kata - research, planning, advice, skills and experience

Kumite - creating and managing relationships in which to deliver the advice

Those being coached at the Advisor Dojo will experience improvements in:  

Prospecting... tips, tricks, tools, tactics, mindset, attitude, confidence

1st meetings... rapport, the 'bridge', objective, agenda, the 'sell'

Subsequent meetings... what, when, how, how often, to what end? 

Connection... curiosity, asking, listening, adapting

Relationships... trust, time, depth, value, top of mind

Closing... when, how, alternative language

Referrals... waiting for, asking for, planting the seed, advanced strategies

Time management... hours, tasks/duties, delegation, outsourcing, structure, routine

Work-life balance... goals, hobbies, family, learning, growing de

Mindset... focused, calm, relaxed, content

Skillset... education, training, qualifications, accreditations, niche, specialist

Purpose... end goal, life's mission, the other side of work, what it's all about




The Sensei  

You might say that Jason Bernic isBlack Belt Financial Planning Coach, having been in financial services for more than 20 years, of which 7 were spent coaching financial advisors to grow their businesses from R100 million to R1 billion. He has a demonstrable track record, including growing an investment book at a rate of R100 million a year, despite starting in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis. 

Jason coaches entrepreneurs, business owners and executives, and has a special interest in working with financial advisors to help them grow their businesses and succeed. 

The Students

In karate, for example, one grades through coloured belts: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black, and then the 'dans'. In the Advice Dojo, we're assuming you have been trained and can hold your own - you just want to get better. So, we're taking you in at an orange or green belt and getting you to a brown. Why not black? Black is when you step out of the Advice Dojo and into The Boardroom as you take your business to the highest level and create a world-class client experience. You'll get there, if you want to. 

Students at the Advice Dojo look similar to this:


 ~ from 25 years of age

 ~ relevant qualifications and credentials

 ~ at least 3 years' client facing experience

 ~ cash-flow positive

 ~ stuck, not struggling


 ~ passion for the industry

 ~ love for people

 ~ absolute belief that markets will deliver over the long term

 ~ generally optimistic 

 ~ adaptable and open-minded

 ~ willing to be uncomfortable and do the work

 ~ keen to learn and grow

It might be useful to note that the training in this dojo is very much around mindset and attitude. We have to assume that you have the skills and can do the kata; you simply need the ongoing training to take your kumite to the street. 

Digital Dojo

We conveniently meet via Zoom every twice a month. 

Tees, Cees & Training Fees


R1,750 per month and a commitment of 6 months. 

Good training requires time and practice. It's often tough and at times you will want to throw in the towel and walk away, but that means that you are pushing your boundaries and will therefore experience substantial growth if you persist. You need at least 6 months to shift from conscious to instinctive. 

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