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Business Salon


An intimate mastermind for business owners that want to

expand their thinking and be challenged.

The Business Salon

This meeting of the minds is for SME business owners that are at the top of their game but want to be better. They have built something significant and are at a point where they struggle to take it to the next level alone. 

Leadership can be Lonely

Most of my clients are entrepreneurs, business owners and executives. The bigger they grow, or the higher they climb, the more isolated they find themselves. Over time they realise that distance has grown between themselves and those that used to journey with them. 

My biggest mentor coach tells a story about when he had a tax bill of $350,000. His friends told him he was lucky to have earned so much that he had to pay that tax. They didn't get it - his problems were simply different. He knew then that he needed to seek new circles and he ended up creating a powerful group of high performers from around the world. 

Leadership can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be. 

No-one is Challenging You

The more successful you are, the fewer people call you out. Why should they? You have demonstrated the ability to perform and you are at the top of your game. But it doesn't feel like that to you, does it? You make good money, you live a good life, you have all the obvious things, but still you want more. You might describe it as a feeling... the hunt, the chase, the race... the win. I challenge you: set bigger goals, take bigger action, and surround yourself with people that do the same. 

No-one is Holding You Accountable

One of our founding members told a story about how he and his business partner created a fictitious chairman of the board to instil a sense of urgency around business delivery. If a simple game can improve performance, imagine the game became reality. 

You want to be Served and not Pleased

People are inherently good and those closest to you want to support you. Your family, friends, business partners, colleagues and staff will celebrate your success, but what you need is that which makes you uncomfortable enough to shift and grow. 

This is Your Business Think Tank

Think of it as your executive committee, your board of directors and your Dragon's Den, all rolled up into one. It's also your creative lab where you get to experiment with and test your thinking, while doing the same for others. Your vulnerability will be your power as you allow others to feed back to you around your strategy, your ideas and the actions that you take, or fail to take. 

This is not...

...coaching, consulting, advice or mentorship. There is no hierarchy, leader or owner, and there are no fees.  Jason Bernic established and administers the Salon but its members are all equal and attend for the same reason: To grow their businesses and themselves. 

The Results will Manifest in Ways you Never Imagined

The Business Salon will push you to reconsider what you thought was impossible. It will challenge your thinking, your beliefs and your assumptions, and it will hold you to pursue that which you truly want, and support you in such pursuit. 

Those that know you will start to experience a different version of you - a more present, happier and balanced you. You will feel more satisfied and more accomplished because what you are doing is real and meaningful. You will walk taller and lighter and have less of a load on your shoulders, even thought you are doing so much more. 

You'll expand your contact sphere and be introduced to others. The networking opportunities are endless as you build formidable relationships with similarly-minded business people from other industries and professions. 

And you'll create new and trusted friendships.

It Looks like a Secret Meeting

We meet once a month for 3 hours, face to face, at an unspecified location, to be announced 1 hour before. Just kidding - we meeting at FutureSpace in Bryanston. 

6 - 9 pm. 

The Cost is your Commitment 

The Business Salon is a mastermind curated through invitation and referral. There is no cost to join or participate, but members' commitment to attending and participating every meeting is essential to the success of the group. 

Membership is Discerning

Members represent a variety of industries and professions and the mix of experience, expertise and personalities contributes to the impact of the group. 

This is not a Product or a Service

This is an information page for members and potential members that are referring or have been referred. The Business Salon is not a saleable item or a paid membership. If you have any enquiries, please contact the member that referred you, or you are welcome to make contact with the founder, Jason Bernic, directly

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