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Women in Business

An immersive group coaching experience for female entrepreneurs, business owners, executives,

or women in business that have a drive to succeed. 


Women, as opposed to men, experience unique nuances in business. Whoever you are, whatever your background, where ever you are in your life, you think and act differently to men, but you often play in a man’s world, or you’re up against other women that are playing hard to compete.  


You show up in your own, unique way. You are innately separate from your male counterpart, which brings balance and perspective to the workplace, but that can also get in the way of your career progression, and your life. If you are driven, you are perceived to be competition, even by those that you thought supported you. If you are family-orientated, you take the world on your shoulders and feel guilty if you are at work, and guilty if you are at home. 


You are confident and responsible, but you fear the world will move on without you, or you will move on and neglect others in your wake of success. You are powerful, but you hold back because you know the impact of who you are and the influence that you have. You’re in business, but you’re also a woman that has her own path to travel, in her own way, and you would love to have it all. Well, why not?! 


Introducing to you, Women in Business: group coaching for female entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate employees that seek the solidarity of other women in business, but at the same time want to be challenged to pursue that which they want most, and held accountable to the actions they commit to. 


We interviewed 101 women in business, across industries, professions, age groups and family status. Our research undertook to acquire a good understanding of how women experience the world of business, internally and externally, and how that world affects their lives. 


One of our interviewees said, “I’m married and I’m ready to start a family but I fear taking 4 to 6 months maternity leave and returning to work to discover that I’ve become irrelevant. Maybe I’ll only have one child.”   


How do you fit into the world of business? What have you had to give up, or invent, for it for it to all make sense? Take a moment to think about this. 





You know you’re not alone but sometimes you feel lonely.


You hold a number of relationships in your life, but not everyone is there to serve you. Many please you. “You’re doing so well, you’re amazing.” Sometimes we refer to it as blowing smoke… people tell you what they think you need to hear, but that doesn’t grow and challenge you – it keeps you where you are.  

A number of my female clients that are in business have said that they would love to meet other, similarly minded women, to share and compare experiences, and uplift one another to the next level. Women in Business will do this for you, but it will also challenge your thinking and commit you to taking action toward whatever it is that you want. Women in Business will serve you because you won’t have anywhere to hide – we’ll question your story and hold you to your dreams.


We can’t wait to welcome you to the group! 


"But hang on - you’re a dude, running a women’s coaching circle! WTF?"


Jason Bernic hosts the Women in Business sessions. As a coach, his approach is neutral. He facilitates a conversation by listening and asking questions that make participants think and either see things for what they are, or see them from another perspective. As a man, he naturally provides a more balanced environment and softens any temptation for you, as a woman, to seek over-sympathetic refuge among other women. But ultimately it doesn’t matter what gender he is - it is his role is to hold the space for others to see, share and grow.  


It's a 6-month Commitment

Members come and go, but the group continues. We ask that every member commit for at least 6 months, and show up to every session, as their regular and familiar presence is what keeps it exciting and maintains the energy. 

Your investment is R1,750 per month

We meet twice a month over Zoom. The group will always be limited to 12 participants plus one coach.




The Benefits are Endless

  • A 1.5 hour group coaching call twice a month

  • Group coaching, executive-style

  • Business networking

  • Potential mentoring opportunities 

  • An extended network beyond the members

  • Support, challenge and accountability from other women in business

  • Occasional live meet-ups, where possible

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