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Spontaneous Perspective

Today I was talking to a lady sitting next to me in a business lounge. After our introduction, we

exchanged 'what we do' stories and I was telling her about a project I've working working on (and off) for a year.

It's called Women in Business and the original idea was to set up a Coaching Circle, which I began almost immediately... and then I backtracked just as fast, and decided instead to interview 101 women in business before kicking it off.

I'm halfway through the interviews and the learnings have been incredible. I was sharing some of the collateral gained, all for the benefit of the women participating now and into the future, and she asked, "What about men?"

I'm not sure exactly what I looked like in the moment, but it felt like my face froze with my eyes and mouth wide open. In the coaching world we call that an insight; others might call it an awaking or a slap across the face.

I'm a man researching women in business for the benefit of women in business. Would it not benefit women in business if I shared my learnings with men?!

A fresh perspective from someone I'd only just met.

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