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The Coaching Gym of Life

We coaches often describe what we do as helping our clients to build capacity. Like many other concepts, this is not often understood until it is experienced. Capacity to be... capacity to do...

It really is like hitting the gym. If you have never done it before, it's going to be hard. You'll feel weak, your muscles will fatigue and you'll experience stiffness, session after session. You might hate it and want to give up, but if you can do the required work, you'll build the strength to do more. That's capacity.

In life, when you build capacity, you can move forward and create what you want. It's the foundation to your being, that which gives you the confidence to take the next step. Capacity is the long, hard slog that doesn't appear to wield results, until it does, and then they're huge. Capacity is what sits behind overnight success; it's the preparation part of luck; and it's what coaches work on with their clients.

Get a coach. Build capacity.

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