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Life-changing Coaching brought to you by

Jason Bernic


Private & Business Clients

Success Coaching

Executive Coaching for Life and Leadership,

available to Private individuals and Businesses.

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DNA Resilience

A test to measure your resilience and interventions to improve it. 

Private Clients

Life Coaching for Individuals

Every so often we come to a point in our lives where we take stock of where we are and wonder where we are going. This is the precipice of truth at which we are faced with questions and choices. It is that time of our lives where we get to reinvent ourselves, discover and step into our superpower and create the life want. Click here to read more

Radio Interview

Want to know more about coaching? 

Listen to Danny Painter from Jacaranda FM interview Jason about all things coaching.

All about coachingDanny Painter interviews Jason Bernic
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Business Clients

Executive Coaching for Leaders and Leadership Teams

Success Coaching offers Executive-style Coaching to its Business Clients which include entrepreneurs, business owners and leadership, as well as their teams and those directly responsible to their bottom line.  

We work with your leadership to grow your business. Click here to read more

Coaching Circles

Themed Group Coaching Sessions

Coaching Circles are virtual meeting places for individuals that want to shift their ways of being around very specific areas of their lives. The Circles are a safe place to share, discuss, challenge and be challenged. They are facilitated by a coach with training and experience in that specific niche. 

Click on the pictures below for more information. 

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'The Life Coach' Cartoon

Very possibly the only life coaching cartoon in the world. 

Created to showcase the power of coaching and to wow an audience through moments of insight. 

life coaching log cabin men
20201029 - Life coach 8 Blank canvas.jpg
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Insane! Prospecting

The Insane! Prospecting suite of services was created to support financial advisors that want to grow their businesses through new client acquisition. 

Click here to go to the Insane! Prospecting web site where you can find more information on:

Financial Advisors are also supported through these offerings: 



One-on-one Executive Life Coaching for advisors that want to work on themselves as they grow their businesses.


Group coaching for financial advisors that want to train hard and grow successful practices.


An exquisitely curated group of the top 4% of financial planners that want to build world-class client experiences.



Customised talks, events, presentations and programs for businesses that want to support their advisors.

Latest media coverage



Love Songs with Danny Painter

Every two weeks Danny and Jason record a podcast, excerpts of which appear live on her show. Click here to listen to the latest

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