Jason Bernic

Passionately helping others achieve everything they ever wanted. 

First I experienced a coaching culture, then I moved into a hybrid coaching role, then I studied to become a coach.


The experience was life-changing. I went to London and met 145 amazing coaches from around the world. I hired one of them for more money than I was comfortable spending, but knew that I was investing in myself, so I did the work to get the return. 

And today I head up a coaching business, with Private and Business clients, to help them create everything that they want.


Coaching is life-changing, but you know that - that's why you're here, right? 


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My Background

I have a mixed bag of history, having to use both sides of my brain. Even my under-grad majored in marketing, economics and business economics. I worked in advertising, dabbled in some other industries, built and sold out of a promotional lighting business and then spent a lot of time in financial planning and international wealth management. 

For 4 years I worked for the biggest bank in the world and discovered a 'coaching culture' which was a game changer in how people conducted themselves and worked with others. That later led me to become a Financial Planning Coach at a boutique asset management business, which was then bought by a multi-national. 

During that time I studied brain-based coaching and practiced on clients, friends and even my sister - anyone that would be a willing participant. Later, I studied to become an Integral Coach® and started a business in parallel with my employ, only to jump ship 2.5 years later. 

My Story

I don't have a rags-to-riches story, or a motivational speech about self-sacrifice or monopolistic dominance. I was once told that I talk too much and I don't listen and ten years later, after chastising the person that told me that, I realised he was right. 

Through my career adventures I learnt to listen, and then I started to hear. I also began to find everyone I knew and met more fascinating and mysterious than before, and I wanted to know more. I wanted to know their stories, their dreams, what drives them forward and what holds them back. I started to ask questions - questions that challenged their beliefs, in the world and themselves - questions that had them thinking... then feeling... being present in the moment, while the world slowed down around them, just for a minute, and in this minute they gained perspective. They saw the world differently... and then their world changed. 

I'm inherently impatient and have a low tolerance for mediocrity, probably because I see the greatness in everyone, even if they don't. I believe in my clients and their dreams and it is my commitment to support them all the way. I'm soft and I'm tough because I help my fellow human beings to discover what they really want, and then I hold them to creating it. 

Maybe I could to do that for you. 

Gradient Ocean

My Family

We are a serious family. 

As you can see in this picture, we don't mess around and we don't joke. We just work hard and stick to the prescribed program of life :-)

When I was 24 I had a snowboarding accident and injured my neck. Nicole is a chiropractor - I married well! 

Logan and Harvey are 5 years old in this picture ( 6 now) and tell me that as I'm getting older they're getting faster and stronger!


The Stats

The Financial Planning Profession

Paying it forward

The profession served me for many years and now I do what I can by helping financial planners to create world class client experiences, build their businesses and acquire the clients they want. 

I joined the profession and hustled for the first 5 years before understanding how to apply a philosophy, process and client-centric approach to everything I did. Everything changed and then I began to build my AUM at R100 million per year. 


It was simple but I learned that it wasn't just about what I did, but about who I was. I needed to work on my way of being in addition to my way of doing, and once I figured that out, everything changed. 


Now I do that for top financial planners through one-on-one coaching. I also help all financial advisors, of any level, get more of the clients they want through my Insane! Prospecting suite of services

I hold a Post-graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and am a Certified Financial Planner® professional. I joined the industry in 2003.