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Coaching for Financial Advisors

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Next-level Support

Welcome to Momentum's coaching programme

Momentum has created an exclusive coaching programme for independent financial advisors that have done well but seek further success. This one-of-a-kind offering has been tailored to align with certain advisors that have specific growth needs and the magic is in the pairing of the advisors to coaches that are skilled and experienced in both human development and financial planning. 

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Strategic Partnerships

We want to support your business development

We believe that it is through strategic partnerships that we can contribute to the success of your business and that of the profession at large. It is by working closer and understanding one another's businesses that we can provide services of value that will support you to create the financial planning practice that you want. 

Jason Bernic, CFP

Executive Life Coach & Certified Financial Planner

One of our recommended coaches is Jason Bernic, and Executive Life Coach that works with Private and Business Clients and has a passion for helping financial advisors to grow their businesses.

Jason had a successful career in financial planning and international wealth management and in 2012 joined a boutique asset management company where he coached financial planners exclusively for 7 years. Today he works with financial planners in a number of ways, including one-on-one, in groups and through programmes that he has developed

Click here to see Jason's profile. 

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