That One Thing That Will Make All The Difference

Everyone is looking for the answer. The answer to a big question. But sometimes there are no answers - only bigger questions. 


So many are looking for the golden nugget, the quick fix, the winning formula. But often there are no cheat sheets - only hard work. 


Sometimes, however, there are strategies that if executed, are very effective in helping you move forward, closer to your goals. These are not without hard work and a winning mindset. If you find one, it will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you; it will also drive, motivate and inspire you to step up and step out, taking responsibility to pursue your goals and everything that is important to you. 


Every so often one of these strategies comes around. It’s normally right there, staring you in the face, and has been for some time, but you don’t necessarily see it because you are looking in the wrong place, or not looking at all. 


These obvious strategies are usually simple - so simple that they are overlooked – yet they contain an enormous amount of power, strong enough that they can maneuver and push you in the right direction… in pursuit of new clients. 


Your biggest challenge is prospecting. It’s hard, it’s tough, you don’t want to do it, and when you do, you get rejected. You know it’s a numbers game, but when the numbers knock you down, it’s difficult to keep pursuing them. You need something, something that will support you every single day in pursuit of those numbers. Something that, when you get knocked down, will pick you up and move you forward. 


The one thing that you need is an Accountability Partner. 


Someone that does what you do and has an equal need to prospect. 


And then you need to create a competition with that person. 


An accountability partner keeps it real and helps you to stay on track. Creating a competition ups the ante and improves the stakes. If you are both serious about success, engaging in a friendly competition has you show up to WIN. 


Set targets / objectives and design the rules of the game. There are a few prerequisites, the most notable being DAILY ACTION. Winning has to be clearly defined and there should be a reward. The loser (pardon the language but you are here for a reason) gets the consolation prize and will need to pay up one way or another. 


A very simple example is where two advisors agree to set aside 1 hour a day to make their ways through their hit lists of potential clients. The target for the week is to secure 10 meetings. Each contributes R50 to a jar at the beginning of every day, leaving R500 in the jar at the end of the week, which the winner receives. 


Another example may be less frequent, but highly impactful. Visit an exhibition. Whoever collects the most business cards wins, but there needs to be proof that you weren’t collecting off tables e.g. selfies with each of the stand representatives. Then create a second tier to the competition: to secure the most meetings from the cards you collected. 


Challenge one another. Play it like a game… train, practice, set out to beat the competition.  Know what you want and how you are going to get it. Show up with intention every day. 


All Good Things Come to an End


This strategy will work for quite some time, but its impact will eventually taper because it requires consistent, high levels of energy. If this is you and you always operated at this level, you would probably not be looking for prospecting solutions, but you are here because you need help. 


Use this One Thing That Will Make All The Difference but know that over time you will naturally seek more and alternative methods support you in acquiring the clients you want. 


Prospecting is about being IN ACTION – I call it doing – and I have 101 Prospecting Strategies that will help you to do this. 


But prospecting is also about being because it is not just what you do, but who you are and how you show up in front of prospective clients. 


This is all taught to you in the Insane Prospecting Bootcamp for Financial Advisors - a 21-module online course that was designed to help financial advisors grow their businesses through new client acquisition. 


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