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Invest in yourself and your business:


National rollout in October: Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth,

Durban, Cape Town

Limited to 30 people per session


"How can I get more clients?"


I've been coaching financial advisors since 2012 and this is the question I'm asked most often. 

I've been there myself. In 2003 I started with a desk, a phone and two weeks of product training and at the end of the first month I owed the company R450 for parking. Because I didn't have any clients. 

Over the years, though, I went from struggling to find clients, to building assets at a rate of R100m a year. And then I started coaching financial planners to build their own businesses and discovered that as long as they still wanted to grow, acquiring new clients was too their greatest need. 

It should be easier

You can Google Prospecting, or even Prospecting for Financial Advisors, and you'll find every tip, trick and shortcut to success imaginable. In fact all the answers are a few key strokes away. Why then are so many advisors still struggling to get new clients? 

I've attended many seminars, conferences, intensives and workshops in my time. Most of them have offered me some value (or else I would not have chosen to attend), but none have changed my life. I've heard incredible speakers, listened to the best ideas and brainstormed powerful strategy, but when I returned to the office nothing changed. Why? 

Because none of the functions and workshops provided me with the collateral that I require to make change. None of them helped me to build the capacity that I require to win, and then held me accountable and supported me while put my learnings into action. I could give you a list of 250 things to do, and if done, would change everything for you. You'd have more clients, a growing business and a happier life, but unless something changes within you, that list is nothing but a piece of paper with some scribbles on it. 

Why Insane? 

This bootcamp will provide you with the necessary capital to go from struggling to get clients, to creating new clients. In order to do this, you'll need to step away from the familiar and move in a new direction of boldness. You'll be challenged and held accountable; the day will be long and gruelling, but change requires work, to build capacity, to get what you want. You'll feel like you were in a physical bootcamp class, but you'll leave feeling a deep sense of satisfaction and readiness... a preparation to take your business to the next level. Isn't that insane?!


Who should attend?


If you’re a financial advisor that is looking to grow your business through new client acquisition, this bootcamp is for you. 


Going national from October


Having had a huge successes with the launch of the bootcamp in Johannesburg in August, we are now rolling out across South Africa. This is our current lineup for the rest of 2019:


17 August 2019-3.jpg
Launch Special 36% discount-3.jpg

What you can expect


Ultimately, NEW CLIENTS


On the day, we’ll challenge: 

What you know

What you do

What you want


Prospecting isn’t just about DOING; it’s also about BEING.

It's about who you are and how you show up with prospective clients. 


We’ll give you: 




You’ll leave with a PLAN



We’ll support you for 6 weeks afterwards as you implement that plan

On the day

Like any bootcamp, you'll need to be well-fed and hydrated. 

Welcome bites

Mid-morning snacks


Mid-afternoon snacks




Digital files 

A plan that you can action immediately 


Post-bootcamp Support: 

Exclusive membership to a private Facebook group in which you will be supported and challenged as you implement your plan. The group will have weekly videos, guest appearances, tips, tricks, and motivational content. 

Join us

This is a one-of-a-kind prospecting workshop that equips you with the knowledge and capacity to prospect. Other training might blow you away with strategies and acronyms, but nothing will change. When you exit INSANE! PROSPECTING at the end of the day, that's when the work begins, and we'll support you for 6 weeks afterwards. 

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