Experience Coaching

Complimentary 30-minute coaching sessions

 - for a limited time only - 

Social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines and inexplicable laws have left many business owners, contractors, consultants and employees facing challenges far larger than they could ever have imagined. Even though surrounded by people, affected parties often feel alone in their struggle to survive the economic crisis that the viral pandemic has brought upon us, and could do with the kind of support that helps them to build the resilience that is required to push through. 

Coaching will help you focus on what needs to be done. More importantly, behind the actions sits the person, and who you are is the determining factor in your success. 

I work almost exclusively with entrepreneurs and business owners, and with the exception of one, all of my clients are somewhere from surviving to thriving. As a result, I am doing well and only hope that I can help others in need, which is why I am offering this time to those that want to move into action and take responsibility for their future. 

If you know you are capable of so much more, but circumstances are getting in your way, take this opportunity to get uncomfortable and be challenged. No charge, no obligation, no hard sell - let me support you, and perhaps one day we will work together. The sessions are 30 minutes long and are on offer for a very limited time only. 

Ts&Cs - Only serious coaching candidates - no time wasters. You need to bring something to the session - a goal or a challenge. If you feel helpless and hopeless, coaching is not for you. Please book only one session, and show up for it. If you cannot make it, decline the meeting invitation or contact me directly. 

These are unprecedented times. If you have been considering coaching and would like to explore the possibility, book a 30-minute coaching session to experience coaching w...
Experience Coaching
30 Min.