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These are unprecedented times. The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in social distancing around the globe, let alone full-blown lockdowns in a number of countries. Many of us have already experienced the Chaos phase of a Crisis, and have entered into Acceptance. Next is the New Normal, which no one can really predict. What we do know is that life and business will be different and we need to be ready to receive and provide a new experience. 

Coaching works to build the capacity required to step out of fear and into the unknown, with the skills and mindset to win! I'm getting even closer to my clients than ever before, but I am also reaching out to entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, leaders and professionals to support them where I can, because we're all doing our best to help.


While I'm locked down, and the world has slowed down, I have the capacity to offer my time to those with drive, dreams and goals where I can. The coaching world is under huge demand right now but many of those interested in investing in themselves and their futures are on the fence. They're interested in, but haven't experienced coaching. They may have identified a particular coach but haven't connected with him/her and are holding back. This is not the time to hesitate; it's the time to dive in and go for it.  


If this is you, take the leap! No charge, no obligation, no hard sell - let me support you, and perhaps one day we will work together. The sessions are 30 minutes long and are on offer for a very limited time only. 

Ts&Cs - Only serious coaching candidates - no time wasters. You need to bring something to the session - a goal or a challenge. If you feel helpless and hopeless, coaching is not for you. Please book only one session, and show up for it. If you cannot make it, decline the meeting invitation or contact me directly. 

These are unprecedented times. If you have been considering coaching and would like to explore the possibility, book a 30-minute coaching session to experience coaching w...
Experience Coaching
30 min

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