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"Organisations need leaders, and leaders need coaches."

 - Jason Bernic (2018)

Looking for a Coach? 

Are you looking for someone to coach your people? Do you have targets, KPIs and scorecards that need to be met? Do you need someone to work with your key individuals and specialist delivery teams to align them with the expectations of exco, the board or their line managers? 

Then I'm definitely not your person!

However, if you want a high-impact coach that will work powerfully with your organisation's leaders and influencers, to support them in their personal growth and development so that they can perform at their best and raise those around them, then I'm your guy.

I life coach the people in your business because their performance, and that of those around them, wholly depends on who they are and how they show up. Their state of mind, their way of being and the lens through which they see the world contribute to their character and how they're received by others. It also shifts their capacity ​to be self-generating, self-correcting and to acquire sustainable, consistent competence.


Welcome to Success Coaching. It's Life- [and business] Changing. 

Programs & Workshops

Programs and workshops are customised, the most common formats being one or a combination of the below: 

3, 6 and 12 months of 1-on-1 coaching

6- and 12-month group coaching (7 to 11 participants per group)

Customised workshops of 5 to 50 people (half and full day)

We also create 2- and 3-day coaching retreats at exciting - often exotic - locations. These include presentations, workshops and group coaching and we often invite complementary resources, like neurologically-based chiropractors and yoga masters. 

Current Talks & Workshops

Current talks that can be adapted to suit your business are: 

A coaching approach to business relationships

A coaching approach to change

The truth about micromanagement (2 angles: management & non-management)

Niche industries

Many coaches have created niches, and even micro niches, but coaching is coaching. Unless we are coaching the business on strategy and operations, we are coaching the person in the business. That being said, working with a coach that has experience in your industry is comforting and clients often draw on that experience when they require teaching, consulting and mentoring. My industry experience, both having worked in and coached into, is: 

Financial Planning & Wealth Management (16 years)

Small businesses (6 years)

Professional practices (6 years)


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