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The Story

I entered the financial planning profession in 2003 and prospecting was my biggest challenge. By 2009 I was growing my AUM at R100 million a year. Then I took financial planning, added coaching to it and coached financial planners exclusively for 7 years during which time the question I was asked the most often was, "How do I get more clients?" 

In 2019 I started an executive life coaching business, with a special interest in helping financial advisors grow their businesses through new client acquisition. I launched the INSANE! PROSPECTING bootcamp in Johannesburg in August and then rolled it out around the country. 

Fast forward to the COVID-19 story... I began this free webinar to help financial advisors prospect despite challenges beyond their control. And it is still going. Welcome to those that are new, and welcome back to those that join us every single week. 

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The Insane! Prospecting Products


Insane! Prospecting is the only suite of prospecting services that has been designed, and operates, exclusively to the benefit of financial advisors that wish to grow their businesses through new client acquisition. 

Success Coaching owns the Insane! Prospecting brand and currently manages the registration and operation of the webinar. Other services are the online course and bootcamp (latter is not operating now because of Covid) - click here to take a look: